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 Archlord Blast1 Test Results

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Lord Death

Lord Death

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PostSubject: Archlord Blast1 Test Results   Mon May 20, 2013 2:15 pm

1st Segment

Harpy Assault (Archlord Blast1) VS. Machina Gearagia (Lord Death)

Win/Loss: 0/5
0-2~ 0 Points
1-2~ 2 Points
2-1~ 3 Points
2-0~ 5 Points

Knowledge: 8/10
There was one mistake made regarding when you get to declare Harpy's Hunting Ground

Deck Construction: 32/40

This will be broken down into 4 sections:

Speed 9/10

The deck was fairly quick

Consistency 9/10

Also could open well

Flexibility 6/10

When stressed by my Machinas, the deck couldn't cope.
Synergy 8/10

The synergy was okay.

Side Deck: 5/15: Side decks are required to get any points for this section.

The side was uninspiring.

Field Control: 0/15
Never had control of the field.

Anticipation: 10/10
How well does your opponent have a read on your strategy? Do they counter at the right time?

Final Score for First Segment: 55/95

2nd Segment
Hero (Archlord Blast1) Vs. Merlantean (Lord Death)

Win/Loss: 0/5
0-2~ 0 Points
1-2~ 2 Points
2-1~ 3 Points
2-0~ 5 Points

Knowledge: 10/10
Played extremely well.

Deck Construction: 36/40

The deck would get a 40 for construction. However, seeing as a hero deck is considered Meta by test standards, this deck was not as competitive as my deck
This will be broken down into 4 sections:

Speed 9/10

How quickly is the deck able to create different plays? Remember that this relative (Meta decks are expected to be faster).

Consistency 9/10

Self explanatory. The deck must be able to consistently play well.

Flexibility 9/10

Similar to consistency, but applies at all times during the duel. How well can the deck handle sudden changes and different predicaments?

Synergy 9/10

How well do the cards mesh and play off of each other? For example, a Merlantean deck has high synergy.

Siding: 0/15: A side deck is required for points in this section.
Did not side

Field Control: 6/15
Pushed me a bit but was outclassed.

Anticipation: 10/10
The anticipation was good, just the deck couldn't handle mine.

Final Score of Second Segment: 62/95

Misc Points

Ruling Questions: 18/21
3 Points per questions.

Attitude: 5/5

Total Possible Score: 140/216

You missed Orange by 1 point. So I gave it to you. Welcome to my Dorm: Junk Orange
Penguin Soldier Blue: 0-90
Flame Wingman Red: 91-139
Junk Orange: 140-188
Galaxy White: 189-216

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Archlord Blast1 Test Results
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