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 Mistress' Test Results

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Lord Death

Lord Death

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Join date : 2013-05-17
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PostSubject: Mistress' Test Results   Sat May 25, 2013 9:29 pm

1st Segment

Level Assault (Mistress) VS Cosmic Alien (Lord Death)

Win/Loss: 0/5
0-2~ 0 Points
1-2~ 2 Points
2-1~ 3 Points
2-0~ 5 Points

Knowledge: 8/10
Several misplays hurt your score.

Deck Construction: 10/40

This will be broken down into 4 sections:

Speed 2/10

I put the brakes on my alien deck to give you a chance. Alien decks are super slow

Consistency 2/10

The deck seemed to have no real consistency.

Flexibility 4/10

The Montage allows for a bit of flexibility but the high level costs make it rigid.

Synergy 2/10

Just because the deck has an overall theme, it does not mean that the synergy will be high. In this case, it most definitely was not

Side Deck: 2/15: Side decks are required to get any points for this section.

You sided two cards to give yourself draw power, but that just exposes a flaw in your own deck and did nothing to address mine.

Field Control: 0/15
I had complete control of the field.

Anticipation: 0/10
Based on the 2 times I countered your Montage Dragon, it is fairly obvious that you didn't anticipate anything from my backrow. Also, you played Swords of revealing light while Cosmic Fortress was on the field allowing me to get even MORE A-counters

Final Score for First Segment: 20/95

2nd Segment

Destiny Fusion Ha! (Mistress) VS. Tidlantean (Lord Death)

Win/Loss: 0/5
0-2~ 0 Points
1-2~ 2 Points
2-1~ 3 Points
2-0~ 5 Points

Knowledge: 8/10
Same as before.

Deck Construction: 14/40

This will be broken down into 4 sections:

Speed 2/10

The deck relies on Gold Sarco and Different Dimension Capsule to fetch monsters, this makes it quite slow.

Consistency 4/10

It seemed to open well enough

Flexibility 2/10

Once the deck was hit hard, it couldn't recover

Synergy 6/10

The cards played off each other well though.

Siding: 5/15: A side deck is required for points in this section.

The cards you swapped were poor

Field Control: 0/15
I OTK'ed twice...

Anticipation: 0/10
You wasted a card to destroy linde activating her effect

Final Score of Second Segment: 27/95

Misc Points

Ruling Questions: 15/21
3 Points per questions.

Attitude: 5/5

Total Possible Score: 67/216

Look, you're a more capable duelist than your score suggests. However, your deck building leaves much to be desired. I have no choice but to place you in Penguin Soldier Blue for now. I expect you to rank up quickly once you learn how to properly construct decks. Welcome to:

Penguin Soldier Blue: 0-90
Flame Wingman Red: 91-139
Junk Orange: 140-188
Galaxy White: 189-216

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Iron Gradius

Iron Gradius

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PostSubject: Re: Mistress' Test Results   Sun May 26, 2013 10:20 am

Nice job!
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Mistress' Test Results
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