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 happy_people Results

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PostSubject: happy_people Results   Wed May 22, 2013 2:07 am

1st Segment Rubric

Win/Loss: 3/5 2-1

Knowledge: 9/10 Forgot Rhino search at one point in Game 2, but otherwise knew what to do

Deck Construction: 34/40
Speed 8/10 Not the fastest deck, but it makes up for this with control
Consistency 9/10 Constant toolboxing of Saber Tiger and TG monsters helped with this
Flexibility 7/10 Stun decks are inherently a bit rigid
Synergy 10/10 Nice build

Side Deck: 5/15: Only siding Dark Bribe isn't enough...even though you won the match, you needed to do more to stop my plays. Perhaps Vanity's Emptiness or something else that could lock down Special Summons?
Field Control: 13/15 Skill Drain slaughtered me Game 1, Dark Bribe won it Game 3, but Game 2 allowed me to exert some control
Anticipation: 10/10 Shut me down, especially Game 1 with Skill Drain and Barbaros, and used Dark Bribe at the appropriate times in Game 3

Final Score for First Segment: 74/95

2nd Segment Rubric

Win/Loss: 0/5 0-2

Knowledge: 6/10 Knows the deck and how it works, but really need to side against my deck to stand a chance

Deck Construction: 29/40
Speed 7/10 Lots of Traps made it more of a grind deck and you couldn't really get Archfiend plays going at all
Consistency 7/10
Flexibility 5/10 Basically loses once it loses control
Synergy 10/10

Siding: 0/15: Didn't side
Field Control: 5/15 I had control both games
Anticipation: 7/10 Knew what was coming but didn't have many ways to stop it

Final Score of Second Segment: 47/80

Misc Points

Ruling Questions: 6/21
Attitude: 5/5

Total Possible Score: 132/216 (Welcome to Flame Wingman Red!)

Penguin Soldier Blue: 0-90
Flame Wingman Red: 91-139
Junk Orange: 140-188
Galaxy White: 189-216
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Iron Gradius

Iron Gradius

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PostSubject: Re: happy_people Results   Wed May 22, 2013 8:24 am

Welcome to the acad happz!
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PostSubject: Re: happy_people Results   Sun May 26, 2013 7:58 pm

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PostSubject: Re: happy_people Results   

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happy_people Results
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